Timber Playstructures For Outdoor Fun

Cape Reed playstructure with thatched roof, climbing wall and swings

Studies have showed that varied play experiences support development in children’s social, mental and physical skills. Whether its big or small, timber playstructures will provide hours of fun and excitement to kids big or small.

Exercise is super important for growing children but prying them away from all the joys of technology can be difficult these days. With an exciting outdoor play area, they won’t want to come inside at all, even when the sun’s not out.

Cape Reed playstructures / jungle gym with climbing wall, thatched roof and swings.
Cape Reed playstructures with climbing wall, thatched roof and swings.

Nothing sparks a child’s imagination as quickly as a wooden jungle gym playground made just for them. They can be a princess ruling over their kingdom or a pirate invading an enemy’s ship. All they need is this play area and some free time.

Our timber pre-designed jungle gym are manufactured by the South African timber experts at the Poleyard and are designed to be easily installed. These playstructures are available in a number of options that are supplied as pre-packed modules that are ready to be installed. Our modules make designing your personal playground simple. You can even get your little one involved (although you should keep them away from the building equipment).

Cape Reed timber playstructure with thatched roof, climbing wall and swings
Timber jungle gym will provide hours of fun for the kids.

To DIY gurus, these are easy to install and will require only some basic tools (level, hammer, socket/rachet set, drill an bits). However, should you not have the time or experience/know-how, our team will gladly assist in the installation at a small fee.

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